what is spin spin?

Spin Spin combines aspects of two gravity-defying platformer games to create a fresh experience. The world spinning mechanic of And Yet It Moves is combined with the frantic pace and style of VVVVVV. By allowing only one spin at a time, the world spinning mechanic is expanded in new and unique ways. Play episode 1 Play episode 2

what is the difference between episode 1 and episode 2?

Spin Spin is presented as a series of bite sized episodes. free spin bonus uk Each episode introduces new free spin slots concepts that will continue to evolve the experience over time. For the ideal experience, new players are recommended to play through the episodes in order. Play episode 1 Play episode 2

who are we?

Chris Hughes is the founder of Chris Hughes Games. Under this banner, Chris released the Xbox Live Indie Games titles Chris Unarmed and Old School Adventure.


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The music of Spin Spin was obtained with permission from nosoapradio.com and is the copyright of Deceased Superior Technician.